Bais City Dolphin Watching

Bais city a second-class city and a small agricultural town in Negros Oriental. The city is also known for sugar mills with the popular landmark of the Central Azucarera de Bais, a Spanish structure in the city and the largest producer of raw sugar in Negros Oriental. It is known as the pioneer in the sugar industry in the Philippines.
There are so many old Spanish houses in Bais city, where the Spanish influence and culture is very evident. One famous old house is the Casa Grande, an old residential compound built for the employees of the Azucarera.

La Planta Hotel

It is originally an electric supply building after it was turned into a restaurant. In 1990, the building was extended and became La Planta Hotel. Another hotel in Bais is the Casa Sandoval Pension House and Restaurant. We stayed here for a night and enjoyed the night swimming.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

The city of Bais has become popular for dolphin and whale watching in Tañon Strait. The Tañon Strait is between Negros and Cebu in which its seas are a haven for the two friendly creatures. Canibol Wharf is a jump-off to the tourist attraction.
During my visit, we saw the dolphins, which is actually near the island of Cebu.

Canibol Wharf is also a gateway to the popular Manjuyod Sandbar. You can see the cottages from afar.

Oslob: Whale Shark Watching and Sumilon Island

Famous for the whale shark watching, Oslob has been a fast-growing tourist destination for years now. It is located at the south of Cebu and near Negros Oriental.


There are many resorts on the beach side of Tan-awan. The beach resort where we stayed was Aaron Beach Resort in Baranggay Tan-awan. It has a fascinating view of the sunrise, Sumilon Island and a beachfront. The resort also offered the whale shark watching the tour.

Butanding or Whale Shark Watching

Tourists from all over the country and all over the world flocked thru this site to witness every morning the whale sharks. Before we get to see the whale sharks, there were briefing areas where the tour guides explained the necessary precautions and guidelines for tourist. The local government also protects the butandings welfare.
The tour guides and boatman have their ID’s so we felt secure about the tour.

After which, we rode a boat and lined up with other boats at the viewing area. And alas, we were seeing the gentle giants near us.
We were near the boat that was giving them food. There were so many whale sharks who came, there were 6 of them circling around the boats and swimming people.

If you want to swim with the whale sharks, do not put any lotion and do not to touch them.

Sumilon Island

After which, we went to Sumilon Island. Sumilon Island is privately owned by Bluewaters Sumilon Island. They offered an overnight stay and a day tour with lunch. The resort owner allowed non-guest to experience the sand bar which is the highlight of the island. We opted to just stay at the sand bar for a minimal fee.

We enjoyed the sand, sea and sun. During high tide, the sand bar is covered with water, so it’s best to see Sumilon Island during low tide.

There were no shades and no facilities in the sand bar. Tourist bought with food and water because there were no shops. As a reminder, we should always take our trash with us.

How to get there

It is a three to four-hour drive from Cebu City from the South Terminal. Or a 30-minute boat ride from Dumaguete City to Liloan, then a tricycle ride from Liloan to Oslob.

Other Places in Cebu City Tour

After the historical tour and going to different churches of Cebu City, there are other different places to add in the city tour.

Taoist Temple

The Taoist temple is near the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and is located in one of the private subdivision in Beverly Hills Subdivision. The Taoist temple was built in 1972 by the Chinese community of Cebu.

The Temple of Leah

The temple of Leah was built by Teodorico Adarna for his wife Leah Villa Albino – Adarna. It was built-in 2012 with a Roman architecture edifice in the mountain of Busay, Cebu City. It is located along the Cebu Transcentral Highway. The temple has an art gallery, a museum and a library.

Tops Lookout

It is simply known as “Tops” and is located in Cebu Tops Road in the mountain of Busay, Cebu City. It offers a panoramic view of the whole Cebu City, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu City skyline. It is an overlooking park for the surrounding islands and the Cebu waters.

Alta Vista Golf & Country Club

It is located in Pardo Hills in Cebu City, overlooking the town of Talisay Cebu. There is a very good restaurant inside the country club which serves sumptuous food.

Other places to visit

You can also visit Sirao Garden, Sirao Peak and Mountain View Nature’s Park in Busay. Fuente Osmena Circle, Sky Experience Adventure in Crowne Plaza and Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Where to eat

There are so many restaurants in Cebu City, but here’s where I always eat whenever I go to Cebu City.


Larsian is a food Barbecue haven and is located at Fuente Osmena in Cebu City.

Rico’s Lechon

This is a recommended place to visit while in Cebu City.

Tops of Cebu

A newly opened restaurant near Tops Lookout.

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Malapascua Island Diving Sites

Malapascua Island is a premier dive site, in which divers have been visiting regularly.

Diving Sites

The famous area for diving sites around Malapascua Island are:

1. Deep Slope
2. Lapus Pinnacle
3. Bantigue

4. Evo Reef
5. Blue Corner
6. Dakit Dakit

7. Lapus Lapus
8. Lapus II
9. Deep rock

10. The Lighthouse

Other dive sites along the area within the northernmost tip of Cebu are:
1. Monad Shoal
2. Gato Shoal
3. Kimud Shoal
4. Dona Marilyn Shipwreck
5. Maria’s Point
6. Chocolate Island
7. Nunez Shoal
8. Kalanggaman Island

Thresher sharks and manta rays are regularly cited in the diving sites. There are shops for diving gears and diving lessons.

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Camotes Islands

Camotes Islands is located east of Cebu Island and southwest of Leyte Island. It is a group of islands which consists of four towns – San Francisco, Tudela, Poro and Pilar. Camotes group of islands is composed of Pacijan, Poro, Ponson and Tulang.

How to get there

From the North Terminal, we rode a bus that was passing to Danao, one hour and a half ride from the terminal. Danao port is located on the right side of the road. We waited for the Ro-Ro vessel that would take us to Camotes Island for another two hours boat ride going to Puertobello Wharf Port. There are other ports from Poro coming from Cebu City and in Pilar coming from Ormoc and Leyte.

Touring the Island

Mangodlong Beach

We rented a habal-habal to take us to Mangodlong Rock Resort located in San Francisco town. We had our lunch in the restaurant. We explored the beachfront of Mangodlong beach and the overlooking Mangodlong bay thru the rock formation. With its seashell shore and rocky beach, they also made connecting bridge and ladders to the rock formation.

We then rented a habal-habal again to tour Camotes Island. We passed by the San Francisco Town. From the town there’s a Poro San Francisco Mangrove Highway going to Poro Town before we went to the other side of the island.

Bukilat Cave

Our first destination was Bukilat Cave in Tudela which was around 30 minutes from Mangodlong. We went down to the cave and took pictures. It was a small cave and we were the only tourist inside at that time. It was also a great time because it was low tide and we could see the rock formation and the stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave.

Buho Rock Resort

We went to Buho Rock Resort also in Poro Town where you could see the Buho Garden. We had to go down to see the amazing rock formation and the beautiful garden which was located along the stairs going down. Beneath the rocks is clear water where there is a cliff where some children were cliff diving.

Lake Danao

From Buho Rock Resort we headed to Lake Danao which is also in San Francisco town. Lake Danao offers zip line, boat ride and other water activities.

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Revisiting Bantayan Island

I came back last summer of 2014 to Bantayan Island, revisiting the place some months after Yolanda devastated the island. And this time around, I traveled with a group. There were eight of us who went there after our convention in Cebu City. That Friday night, we went to San Remigio and stayed at our colleague’s house. In the morning, we went to Hagnaya Port to bring us to Sta Fe port. We stayed at the side of the ferry and enjoyed the view and breathe of fresh air going to Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island Beaches

Upon seeing Bantayan Island again, I felt I was home. It saddened me though, that the coconut trees were cut into halves. Other trees were disheveled too. I could still see the effect of Super Typhoon Yolanda within the vicinity of Sta Fe as some houses had broken down.

Alice Beach

We went to the town proper of Sta Fe and ate a sumptuous lunch in a restaurant called Coucou Bar Bantayan Island Hotel and Restaurant. There were new restaurants in the area. Restaurants before were located in the resort and there were only some carinderias around. We checked in at the Sta Fe Beach Resort near Sta Fe port. We booked two cottages without aircon, and we split into two. The cottage and the veranda were big enough for us. Our cottage was near the beach, while the other one was at the back.

We headed to the beach front and started enjoying the beach front. We took pictures while waiting for the boat that would take us to Virgin Island or Silion Island. We walked thru the fine sands of Alice Beach towards the boat.

Virgin Island

Virgin Island was a secluded area and you need to pay an entrance fee for the day tour. We took pictures and and enjoyed swimming in the beach. We waited until the sunsets from the horizon.

It was already low tide when we got back to our resort. We took a bath and ate at the Island Daddy Dok’s restaurant where we get grilled pork, fish soup and shrimps. We also took some time in the grocery to buy our drink for the night, ice and some snack foods to munch during our drinking session. As we get back to our hotel we drank and shared stories about lives. When we finished drinking, only half of the group decided to take a night swim. We actually didn’t swim but, enjoyed the cold beach water.

We transferred to the beachfront where there were other customers who were also enjoying the night. We were the ones left until past midnight. We already finished our drinks and we headed to the waters where we stayed there for another hour.

The following day, we were already up when the sun rose. Because we were on the east side of the island the view of sunrise was fantastic. After taking pictures of the sunrise, I toured the group in Sugar Beach.

Sugar Beach

This side was the best hit area during the super typhoon. Some of the resorts where recovering but there were also resorts that were really devastated. We walked from Sugar Beach until we reached the area where we could also see the port.

We went back to Sta Fe Beach Resort where we enjoyed our breakfast before we went back to San Remigio. The next time I visit Bantayan Island, I need to go to the Bantayan town proper and Madridejos. These two municipalities that I haven’t explored yet.
Bantayan Island has been listed as my number two travel destination in terms of beach, food, resorts and people. And I would never get tired of going back. It would always be my comfort zone. My first love. My first ever worthwhile travel. And the reason why I started exploring the archipelago and loving my very own country.

Why Cebu?

This is my favorite province. If you read my blog, I’d been featuring different locations here, and still, there’s a lot to explore.

Why Cebu?

Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island

I’d been to the different cities and towns in Cebu like Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City, Talisay, Bantayan Island, Danao, Camotes Island, Malapascua Island, San Remigio, Daanbantayan, Carmen, Oslob and Samboan and the most recent is Moalboal.

Dako Island, Moalboal

Where to go in Cebu

For starters, tour the city first, from the famous Sinulog Festival every January, a visit to the oldest church of Basilica Minore del Sto Nino, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro and Taoist Temple.

Malapascua Island

The different islands and towns promote numerous activities. But it depends on what you want, like diving, island tours, trekking and canyoneering falls, mountain climbing, watching whale sharks, viewing the heritage sites.

San Remigio

Name it Cebu has it. It just depends on what you want to see and what to do. It is the best place for Lechon, seafood, the famous Larsian food stall and the Lantaw restaurant with a view of the city.

Camotes Island

My favorite destination is Bantayan Island, my first love, but overall Cebu is worth your time, money and memories.

For the next posts, I will concentrate on the Visayas area, most especially about Cebu. It is my favorite province, a province with all my favorite destinations. Cebu will never get old to travel, I’d been here for the nth time, either for work or vacation.

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