Malapascua Island Diving Sites

Malapascua Island is a premier dive site, in which divers have been visiting regularly.

Diving Sites

The famous area for diving sites around Malapascua Island are:

1. Deep Slope
2. Lapus Pinnacle
3. Bantigue

4. Evo Reef
5. Blue Corner
6. Dakit Dakit

7. Lapus Lapus
8. Lapus II
9. Deep rock

10. The Lighthouse

Other dive sites along the area within the northernmost tip of Cebu are:
1. Monad Shoal
2. Gato Shoal
3. Kimud Shoal
4. Dona Marilyn Shipwreck
5. Maria’s Point
6. Chocolate Island
7. Nunez Shoal
8. Kalanggaman Island

Thresher sharks and manta rays are regularly cited in the diving sites. There are shops for diving gears and diving lessons.

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