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It’s been a long time since I authored an article in my blog. I don’t know if I still know how to write a travel blog.

Before the pandemic in 2020, my last trip was in January 2020 during my birthday week. It was the first time I travelled with my childhood friend, and she also needed the trip badly. We got onboard a bus going to North Luzon and made it to Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union.

I have been to La Union numerous times, both for work and leisure. I usually stay at Sebay Resort. With an excellent restaurant and a view of the beach, it was heaven for me and my friend.

And then the pandemic happened. On March 15th, the whole country was locked down. Days before the lockdown, I also went to a major surgery that needed time for recuperation.

Two years later, people started to travel. Businesses like hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tour guides started to open. At that time, I was also on a break from working. I planned my trips for 2022. My first trip was in Bantayan, Island, where my love for the Philippine Island started. You can also check out all my previous posts about the island:

We booked our flight with Cebu Pac and planned a four-day trip exploring the island. It was also my friend Jigs’ first time going to Bantayan Island. I was excited to go back, and he was overjoyed to get out of the house-store kind-of-life. Equipped with masks, alcohol, sanitizers and our QR traceability codes, we managed to get to the island after being screened prior to our booked beachfront resort. And we made it. I’d draft a different article about the journey we had during our pandemic trip.

Then 3 days after I went home from the trip to Cebu, I went to El Nido, Palawan. I spent another 5 days exploring the beautiful El Nido with another travel friend, Mcki.

Fast forward 2023, when all restrictions were lifted like not wearing a mask, I went to Batanes in early February, Coron in April, and Laguna in May. I also joined our company team building in August. Finally, I had my international flight to the UK in October, 4 years after my USA trip in 2019.

When I got back from my England and Scotland trip in November, it inspired me to start writing again. Visiting castles in the two countries reminded me so much of how I love history and architectural designs of places. Seeing William Shakespeare humble abode in Stratford-upon-Avon and having a walking tour of Harry Potter made me realized one of my greatest dreams – to be a writer. Be it a travel writer for magazines and website; a literary author and a poet, I had to start again somewhere.

So, let us start again by reviving this website. I never thought that there would still be readers in the age of TikTok’s, IG stories and FB reels, YouTube Channel. But hey, there you are, you are reading this. I am grateful to you.

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