Oslob: Whale Shark Watching and Sumilon Island

Famous for the whale shark watching, Oslob has been a fast-growing tourist destination for years now. It is located at the south of Cebu and near Negros Oriental.


There are many resorts on the beach side of Tan-awan. The beach resort where we stayed was Aaron Beach Resort in Baranggay Tan-awan. It has a fascinating view of the sunrise, Sumilon Island and a beachfront. The resort also offered the whale shark watching the tour.

Butanding or Whale Shark Watching

Tourists from all over the country and all over the world flocked thru this site to witness every morning the whale sharks. Before we get to see the whale sharks, there were briefing areas where the tour guides explained the necessary precautions and guidelines for tourist. The local government also protects the butandings welfare.
The tour guides and boatman have their ID’s so we felt secure about the tour.

After which, we rode a boat and lined up with other boats at the viewing area. And alas, we were seeing the gentle giants near us.
We were near the boat that was giving them food. There were so many whale sharks who came, there were 6 of them circling around the boats and swimming people.

If you want to swim with the whale sharks, do not put any lotion and do not to touch them.

Sumilon Island

After which, we went to Sumilon Island. Sumilon Island is privately owned by Bluewaters Sumilon Island. They offered an overnight stay and a day tour with lunch. The resort owner allowed non-guest to experience the sand bar which is the highlight of the island. We opted to just stay at the sand bar for a minimal fee.

We enjoyed the sand, sea and sun. During high tide, the sand bar is covered with water, so it’s best to see Sumilon Island during low tide.

There were no shades and no facilities in the sand bar. Tourist bought with food and water because there were no shops. As a reminder, we should always take our trash with us.

How to get there

It is a three to four-hour drive from Cebu City from the South Terminal. Or a 30-minute boat ride from Dumaguete City to Liloan, then a tricycle ride from Liloan to Oslob.