A view of Mount Fuji

There are so many places to go to Japan, I made the itinerary going to Osaka to Tokyo. The midnight bus was 8 hours, and because we were with my mother, we opted to try the Shinkansen Train.

Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo

From Nippombashi, we went to Namba Station and went to the line to go to Shin-Osaka Station. From there we bought a ticker amounting to Php 6,150 per person to ride the bullet train.

The Shin-Osaka Station is the only station in Osaka that is connected to the shinkansen network. We rode the Nozomi train in the Tokaido line going to Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo. The bullet train ride was only 2 hours and 30 minutes.

We didn’t avail of the Japan Rail Pass in Osaka as we used the Metro Osaka Pass. It is also economical to buy a one-way bullet train ticker for a single Osaka to Tokyo trip.

It will also stop in Kyoto after 15 minutes, and in Nagoya after 50 minutes.
From Osaka to Tokyo, different places like Hammamitsu City, Fuji City and Yokohama are seen in the train ride.

View of Mount Fuji

From the train, Mount Fuji can be seen from the Tokaido Shinkansen on the left side of the train from Osaka. It is best viewed around the Shin-Fuji station.
On the clearest day, the mountain is visible with its white-capped peak from hundreds of kilometers away. The mountain’s visible snow cap is usually around November to May.

The famous view of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the farmland east of central Fuji City.

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Attractions in Osaka, Japan

What are the different tourist attractions of Osaka aside from Universal Studios Japan and the Osaka Castle? After the sightseeing in Osaka Castle, we went to the next subway station which was Moronimaya Station.  We alighted at Shintennoji-mae Yuhigaoko Subway Station.

Shitennoji Shrine

Shitennoji shrine is one of the Buddhist temples in Osaka. It is also one of the oldest temples built in 593 by Prince Shotoku. The temple was founded as a support for the introduction of Buddhism in Japan. There’s a pagoda and a garden inside the grounds surrounding the temple.

The temple was named after the shintenno: Four heavenly kings of Buddhist traditions who guard the world of evil.
The Gokurakumon or Paradise Gate of Shitennoji Temple is the entrance to the temple.

Tenoji Mio Mall

We went to the Tenoji Mio Mall and have our lunch.

Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

After visiting the mall and eating lunch, we went to Osakako Station. We walked for ten minutes and found the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel. It is located in Tempozan Passenger Terminal, Mount Tenpo, Tempozan Park and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

We rode the giant Ferris Wheel and had a view of the Universal Studios Japan and 360 degrees of the whole Osaka and nearby ward.

Namba and Dotonbori

Dotonbori is one of the famous places to visit in Osaka. The apartment we rented in Nippombashi was near the stretch of Namba and Dohtonbori. From our apartment, we also walked until we reached the Dotonbor Bridge which is a popular district for dining and theater.Namba Station is the center of the subway station in which different railways and subway train lines are interconnected. It is one of the busiest stations in Osaka.

From Namba Station, you can also enjoy the different surroundings of the district. Namba is known for the city’s most popular bars, restaurants, night clubs, shopping centers and arcades. We also went to the popular Namba Walk and ate at a ramen restaurant.

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Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan

Osaka Castle is one of the famous attractions in Osaka, Japan.

We took the Metro Train going to Tanimachi 4-chrome Subway Station. From the station, you need to walk across the Osaka Museum of History.

From the Museum you will also be directed to the South Outer Most Moat.

We went to the left side going to the Sangan-Yagura Turret and entered the Otemon Gate. The Otemon Gate is the gateway going to Nishinomaru Garden and the Former Osaka Guest House.

From the Garden, we walked to the Sakuramon Gate.

The Osaka Castle was built in 1583 but was destroyed 13 years later. Under Toyotomi rule, the castle was one of the largest castles and under Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it was intended to unified Japan.

It was rebuilt again in the 1620s under Tokugawa Hidetada after they eliminated the lineage of Toyotomi. The main castle was struck by a lightning and was burnt down in 1665.
There was a reconstruction in 1931. And the castle was modernized in 1997. The castle house a museum about the castle’s history during the Toyotomi Hideyoshi rule.

Above the castle, you can also see a 360 degrees view of the different moats of the castle and the gardens.

You can also view the modern Osaka skyline and buildings.

We went to the side of the castle and found the Gokurakabashi Bridge.

There’s also a boat tour around the castle.

We then spent our time in the Plum Garden to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

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Universal Studios Japan

One of the main reasons why we went to Japan was to see Universal Studios Japan or also known as USJ which is located in Osaka. We loved to see the park especially the Harry Potter Themed Park.

From our apartment, we walked again going to Nipponbashi Station. From Nipponbashi we went to Namba station and bought a Metro Ticket. From Namba, we alighted at the Metro train going to Nishikujo then alight again going to Universal City. We rode a Harry Poter themed train.

From the train we went to the entrance of the Universal Studio, the one with the revolving globe. From there we fell in line to buy a ticket. We got our map and looked at the Harry Potter-themed park.

A huge number of visitors flocked the Universal Studio since it was the 15th Anniversary of USJ. It was March 17, 2017, a Friday.

It was a very easy to spot where Harry Potter was because most of the people are going there.

It was still early but there are lots of goers inside. We were like kids once again, looking at the Hogwarts castle, checking the Hogsmeade, trying the wands.

We also saw the Snoopy and friends, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty as they also have their own theme park.

There was also a parade for the anniversary.

And some characters roaming around the park.

You can also try different rides.

Or eat at different restaurants.

You can also view outside performances.

And since it was near Easter, they also have Easter Egg Hunt.

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Sakura in Japan

It’s the time of the year again when most people await the Sakura or Cherry Blossoms or spring season in Japan. The Sakura blooms in the different regions of Japan on different dates. The earliest is in Okinawa, which is normally in January, and then it goes up to Osaka to Tokyo to Sapporo for the dates of the Sakura.
I remembered my trip last 2017 in Japan. I booked for 6 days, 3 days in Osaka and 3 days in Tokyo. It was supposedly in the middle of the spring. But when we were in Japan, it was still winter. The coldest I experienced was 2 degrees Centigrade.

It was a Wednesday our flight was 3 pm in the afternoon. We arrived at Osaka airport. We bought our express ticket and we went to the wrong train. But it was still on the same destination, longer this time.

We were checking the train and got inside. We asked help from a Japanese guy and he eventually guided us. We got off at the Namba station. We walked inside the station and eventually seeing the train going to Nippombashi Station.
The cute Japanese guy helped us to buy the ticket going to another station.

From the Nippombashi station, we went to the other side of the street, walked two blocks and we found 711. We went to the left side and entered the block and looked for Lawson and the post office. From the post office, we found the apartment, went to the 3rd floor, found a small box and unlocked it. There was a key inside and we went inside to a one-room apartment, complete with cooking utensils and bath.
After settling, we went outside to get some food. We were supposed to buy from 711, but we walked going towards the Nipponbashi station and found a small Japanese restaurant called Matsuya Nippombashi. We ordered 3 gyudons and we also have a misu soup. We went to 711 and bought drinks and coffee and food for breakfast.

And the following day we went to  Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan Universal Studios Japan,

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