Sakura in Japan

It’s the time of the year again when most people await the Sakura or Cherry Blossoms or spring season in Japan. The Sakura blooms in the different regions of Japan on different dates. The earliest is in Okinawa, which is normally in January, and then it goes up to Osaka to Tokyo to Sapporo for the dates of the Sakura.
I remembered my trip last 2017 in Japan. I booked for 6 days, 3 days in Osaka and 3 days in Tokyo. It was supposedly in the middle of the spring. But when we were in Japan, it was still winter. The coldest I experienced was 2 degrees Centigrade.

It was a Wednesday our flight was 3 pm in the afternoon. We arrived at Osaka airport. We bought our express ticket and we went to the wrong train. But it was still on the same destination, longer this time.

We were checking the train and got inside. We asked help from a Japanese guy and he eventually guided us. We got off at the Namba station. We walked inside the station and eventually seeing the train going to Nippombashi Station.
The cute Japanese guy helped us to buy the ticket going to another station.

From the Nippombashi station, we went to the other side of the street, walked two blocks and we found 711. We went to the left side and entered the block and looked for Lawson and the post office. From the post office, we found the apartment, went to the 3rd floor, found a small box and unlocked it. There was a key inside and we went inside to a one-room apartment, complete with cooking utensils and bath.
After settling, we went outside to get some food. We were supposed to buy from 711, but we walked going towards the Nipponbashi station and found a small Japanese restaurant called Matsuya Nippombashi. We ordered 3 gyudons and we also have a misu soup. We went to 711 and bought drinks and coffee and food for breakfast.

And the following day we went to  Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan Universal Studios Japan,

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