A view of Mount Fuji

There are so many places to go to Japan, I made the itinerary going to Osaka to Tokyo. The midnight bus was 8 hours, and because we were with my mother, we opted to try the Shinkansen Train.

Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo

From Nippombashi, we went to Namba Station and went to the line to go to Shin-Osaka Station. From there we bought a ticker amounting to Php 6,150 per person to ride the bullet train.

The Shin-Osaka Station is the only station in Osaka that is connected to the shinkansen network. We rode the Nozomi train in the Tokaido line going to Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo. The bullet train ride was only 2 hours and 30 minutes.

We didn’t avail of the Japan Rail Pass in Osaka as we used the Metro Osaka Pass. It is also economical to buy a one-way bullet train ticker for a single Osaka to Tokyo trip.

It will also stop in Kyoto after 15 minutes, and in Nagoya after 50 minutes.
From Osaka to Tokyo, different places like Hammamitsu City, Fuji City and Yokohama are seen in the train ride.

View of Mount Fuji

From the train, Mount Fuji can be seen from the Tokaido Shinkansen on the left side of the train from Osaka. It is best viewed around the Shin-Fuji station.
On the clearest day, the mountain is visible with its white-capped peak from hundreds of kilometers away. The mountain’s visible snow cap is usually around November to May.

The famous view of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the farmland east of central Fuji City.

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