Famous Places in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the expensive cities in the world. Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is also known as Tokyo Metropolis with special wards. Below are the different wards we went to.

Chuo City

Lost in Tokyo Station

The last stop of the Shinkansen Tokaido Line is Tokyo Station. Tokyo station is the busiest intercity rail station in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.  Aside from the three train lines, it is also the major intercity bus terminal.

APA Hotels

There are so many hotels in Tokyo with the APA line. We chose the APA Hotel Hatchabori Eki Minami in Chuo City. Chuo City is the main commercial center. From Tokyo Station, we went to the Hatchbori Station using the JR Keiyo Line.

You can use the JR Keiyo Line is the subway going to Disneyland in Maihama.

The famous district in Chuo City is the Ginza. It is also known for the different malls around the Ginza Station.

Shibuya City

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya city is famous for the Shibuya crossing. It is one of the busiest intersection and also known as the iconic scramble intersection with the view of the different malls and commercial centers. To get here we used the Metro Tokyo Yamanote Line.

Hachiko Statue

Another notable attraction in Shibuya is the statue of the famous dog named Hachiko. Hachiko’s statue is located near Shibuya station after you get off the Hachiko exit. Hachiko is a purebred Akita. Hachiko is a loyal dog who waited for his owner Hidesaburo Ueno even after he died.

Taito City

Ueno Park

Tatio City is famous for Ueno Park. To get here we rode the Tokyo Metro Ueno-Tokyo Line. The Ueno Park consists of Ueno Zoo, Ueno Toshogu Shrine, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, National Museum of Western Art, National Museum of Nature and Science, Saigo Takamori Statue and Shinobazu Pond.

You can also see Cherry Blossoms and Bamboo Garden in Ueno Park.

Around the Park are different shopping malls, commercial centers and restaurants.

Keisei Skyliner

The best way to go to Narita Airport is the Keisei Skyliner. It is a highspeed train from Ueno to Narita and travel time is only 45 minutes.

Minato City

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is located in Minato City. It is a famous landmark in Tokyo. The FootTown is a four-story building under the tower with museums, restaurants and shops. The Tokyo Tower has an observation deck.

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