Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is an island in the northernmost tip of Cebu Island and is part of Logon, Daanbantayan.

Touring the island

Bounty Beach

Our resort was located on the left side of the beach, called Blue Coral Beach Resort. The room was a non-air conditioned room, had a wide window which gave fresh air from the sea. And because it was built on high rocks, our room gave a spectacular view of the Bounty beach. Bounty beach gets crowded because of the number of resorts and restaurants on the beach front.

Our resort also offered an island tour in which we availed. We started at 9 AM.

Dakit Dakit Island

The first site was the snorkeling near Dakit Dakit Island, known for its coral garden and coral walls and different fishes.

The Lighthouse

After which we passed by the lighthouse in the northwest of Malapascua island. There is a dive site near the lighthouse. Another beach is also near the Lighthouse.


We stopped at Guimbitayan, where the sand bar meets from both sides of the sea. There were children of the locals who were also enjoying the beach.

Lapus Lapus Island

You can also see Lapus Lapus Island where they do cliff diving. Another site called Lapus Diving Cliff is connected in Guimbitayan slopes which are overlooking the Lapus Lapus Island.

Langob Beach Heaven

We headed to Langob Beach Heaven, where we stayed for more than an hour before having our lunch. The lunch was also included in our tour, where our boatman freshly catch fishes where cooked in the boat while we enjoyed the water and the long sand bar.

Bantigue Beach

After we had our lunch, our boatman took us the Bantigue Cove Beach Resort where there is Bantigue beach, a private beach resort, but we were allowed to tour the cove. It was also a high spot, to check the other side of Malapascua Island. After which we went to the Coral Garden to enjoy another snorkeling activity. We were backed in Bounty Beach at 4 PM and stayed there enjoyed our sunbathing.

Other beaches on the island are Logon Beach, Gugma Beach, Kabatangan Beach, Bakhaw etc.

How to get there

From the airport we hailed a taxi towards the North Terminal and rode a bus going to Daanbantayan, to reach the Maya Port. It took us almost 6 hours to get to the port. A boat, that leaves every hour, was waiting for us for another two hours ride to the island. After a long journey, we were excited when we finally saw the beautiful white sands. There were no ports on the island, the boatman stopped on the main beach.

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