Tigbi Waterfalls, San Francisco, Quezon

After San Andres is the last town in the Bondoc Peninsula, a town called San Francisco.

Our boatman also gave us a contact person on the motorbike ride going to San Francisco Tigbi falls. From Alibijaban we went back to the San Andres Port. From there, we went to our boatman’s house in the town proper. We left our bags there before we go to the falls.

Since there were four, we also had four motorbike riders with us, all locals from San Andres town. It was thirty minutes ride, but as we go up to the mountains we stopped at a small store where we had our snacks before heading to the barangay going to the falls.

We reached Barangay Mabunga where we left the motorbikes and we had to trek for 30 more minutes. While trekking the river, we saw locals swimming along the water and some carabao’s enjoying swimming.

You could see the top of the waterfalls before going down to the raging water and to see the picturesque view of the whole stretch of the waterfalls.

Once you go down to the raging waterfalls you will see the whole waterfalls. There were tourists and locals who were also swimming when we arrived.

Our riders were doing cliff diving in the raging waters. After enjoying the water we head back to San Andres. On the way back, the view of Alibijaban Island is seen from the top. 

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