Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is an amazing and scenic lagoon surrounded by virgin forest and mountains It is located in Del Carmen, Surigao del Note.

This was our last stop from the Siargao Island tour that we availed. From Magpupungko Rock Pool we headed to Del Carmen for our next trip.

We arrived at Del Carmen Tourism Center and went to the port. From there we were transferred to a boat which is good for 8 people.

It is half an hour ride from the port to Sugba Lagoon. What are the things to do in Sugba Lagoon?

You can rent for a paddle-board or a kayak. You can also try cliff diving from the diving board. You can also enjoy the “balsa” or the bamboo platform that will take you to the lagoon.

If you have lots to time you can also check the following places in Kawhagan Island, Pamomoan Beach. You can also enjoy the other island called Poneas Island.

Siargao Island Hopping

There are three different islands visible from our resort. The islands are Guyam Island, Daku Island and Naked Island.
Going back from Sohoton Cove and the continuation of our island tour were three other islands. We first went to Naked Island.

Naked Island

Naked Island is locally called Pankikian. It was changed to Naked Island as tourists discovered the white sand beach in Siargao. It is naked as there are no visible plants or trees except for the shimmering white sand.

We were blessed to enjoy the island without any tourists. We were the first boat to arrive on the island and we enjoyed the seclusion for a brief moment before most of the tour boats arrived. We spent our time swimming and enjoying the sun and the crystal clear turquoise water.

Daku Island

The second island visible from the shore of General Luna is Daku Island. Daku means big. It is a big island with a wide sandy beachfront.

There are locals who are inhabitants of the island. We also enjoyed the food and swimming here.

Guyam Island

Of the three islands, Guyam is the tiniest island. The small island is shaded by coconut trees. It is also a place for events on the island.

The side of the island which is facing the Pacific Ocean has a stunning view of rock formation.

Sohoton Cove, Bucas Grande Island

General Luna in Siargao Island is a place for a cheap and expensive restaurant, hotels, and resorts. You can also avail of the surfing lessons here because it is near Cloud 9.
From Sandy Feet resort we were fetched by our tour operator using 2 tricycles. And we went to General Luna Market near the port where our boat for the tour is waiting for us. The first tour that we avail was the Bucas Grande Tour and 3 other island tours.

It was early in the morning, 6AM and we arrived at the port by 630AM. It was almost 7AM when we left. It was a 3 hours boat ride. Our group was diverse; we got a 10-year-old kid as the youngest and almost a senior citizen as the oldest. We were 10 in the group.
We tried to entertain ourselves during the boat ride. We also enjoyed the view of the surroundings while inside the boat. And sometimes we just sleep. For a while, it also rained hard before reaching the first part of the tour which is Bucas Grande.

Sohoton Cove

Sohoton Cove National Park is located in the Bucas Grande, Socorro, and Surigao Del Norte. It is the home natural wonders such as caves, lakes, cove, karst, and limestones.
The first stop was the Sohoton Cove Tourist Information, the gateway to the Sohoton Cove National Park. From here you will see the beautiful Titikan Lagoon.
We transferred to a small boat with 6 people capacity with our two tour guides and boatman. We passed by the Sohoton Cove which is called because of its meaning which is to pass through a small opening. During high tide, it is not accessible.


We passed by a rock formation which is called horsetail, It is one of the famous landmarks inside Sohoton Cove.

Hagukan Cave

The first activity was Hagukan Cave, a small luminous cave which is like an underground pool and accessible during low-tide. It is also called snoring cave as the sound of the snoring waves.

Magkukuob Cavern

The second stop is a diving spot in called Magkukuob Cavern. The person needs to go inside waist-level water in the cave and walk inside a dry path of rock formations. To exit the cave, you need to cliff dive and plunge to 12 feet above the water.

Jelly Fish Sanctuary

We went back to the gateway and transferred to a small boat good for 2 people and 1 boatman and went to the jellyfish sanctuary.

We went back to the Sohoton Cove Tourist Center to enjoy our lunch. There are many other places to go here like Crystal Cave, Bolitas Cave, Tundan Cave, Bubon Group of Islets, Club Tara Resort, and Bubon beach. But you need a whole day or more to explore all.

Siargao Island

Siargao is famous as a surfing site in the south of the Philippine archipelago. It is an island facing the Pacific Ocean. Siargao is located in Surigao del Norte.

Siargao flights are one of the most expensive prices for tickets. There are limited direct flights here.
Our Flight was from Cebu City and a connecting flight going to Siargao. I opted to do this since a friend of mine and her family and an officemate would be coming from the USA and it’s their first time going to an island.

The flight to Cebu was a little bit delayed and we reached Mactan International Airport, they were calling the passengers going to Siargao already so our group hurriedly went to the boarding station after we bought Zubochon.

We arrived at Sayak Airport, but due to some confusion, our transportation service arrived late. From the airport, it was a 1-hour ride going to our resort.

Sandy Feet Siargao

The resort is called Sandy Feet Siargao. It is a 4-star hotel/resort along Malinao Road from General Luna. It is peacefully located in the less busy part of General Luna along with the expensive and luxurious resorts that you can find along Malinao Road. But the downside it was hard to get transportation from the resort, but it’s a little near the crowded General Luna.
Sandy Feet has different gorgeous and spacious villas. The garden is beautifully laid out with different trees and flowers. They have a beachfront and a long stretch of white sand beach. You’ll also enjoy hanging out in the hammock or just sitting in the sand and enjoying the view of turquoise water.

We also love our villa which is located near the owner’s house and the kitchen. We are near the staff whenever we need them. We also enjoyed hanging out in our very own veranda. Two villas were occupied by our group, the villa for 8-10 people and the other was a couple villa which was near the beachfront.

The staff where helpful in getting a tricycle for transportation. We waited for the 2 tricycles to arrive as we went to Cloud 9. It is one of the busiest places in Siargao.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is the gateway for surfing in Siargao. It is famous for the waves, boardwalk and the surfing tower. There are different surfing instructors along with Cloud 9.

From the entrance of the boardwalk, you can also enjoy a nearby beach. There’s also a rocky shore near the beach. Within the vicinity are different restaurants.

You can also enjoy a stunning view of the sunset from Cloud 9.