National Museum Vigan Branch or Padre Burgos House

The National Museum Vigan Branch or Padre Burgos House is located along Padre Burgos Street. It is one of the branches of the National Museum displaying archaeological artifacts from the Spanish era.

Padre Burgos House is included in the Vigan Heritage Tour. The entrance is also free and the museum is open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. For weekends and holidays, the visit to the museum is by appointment.

The museum is the ancestral house and birthplace of Padre Jose Burgos. There are memorabilia of Padre Burgos and his family. There are artifacts from Iloco-Kankanay-Itneg material culture. Dioramas, old books and liturgical collections are displayed in the museum.

National Heritage Month: Visit a Museum

The island of the Philippines is rich in culture and had a very captivating history.  Where else should we go to discover our cultural heritage and cultural awareness?

It is the Philippine’s National Heritage Month this May.  On the 18th of May is the International Museum Day.  You can also check for free admission for the whole month of May on our government-owned museums in the country, not just the National Museum in Manila and Planetarium including those in other regions: Vigan, Kiangan, Kabayan, Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs, Tabaco, Bohol, Butuan and  Jolo (Sulu). There are other events in other Museums found on the website of the National Museum.

I went to the National Museum of the Filipino People in Rizal Park. I was able to see the different exhibits such as: Baybayin, Hibla nang Lahing Filipino, Biodiversity and Rice, Lumad, Kaban ang Lahi: Archeological Treasure, Gallery of Women, San Diego Exhibit and many others.  Some parts of the Museum were closed for renovation.

There were not so many visitors during my visit.  There were some students and families who were inside.  I would like to advise people to read the information regarding the displays in the exhibit.  We don’t just look at them but we also need to learn and know about the history, artifacts, archaeological collection, natural cultural treasures and fine arts.

We just don’t go there because it’s where most people post on their Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platform.  We go there to unravel chronicles about our own country.  They were preserved for a purpose, for the next generation to see what happened in our past.