Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan

From the 81st Street Station, I used the orange line going to Broadway-Lafayette Street and transferred to the green line to the Brooklyn Bridge Station. I got out of the station and crossed the street to start my walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge. Before I started my long walk, I checked out some of the stalls at the foot of the bridge. There were stalls for souvenirs, water and food. I decided to buy water since it was still hot and the bridge was long.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Bridge is a famous landmark connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is 1.3 miles long with a unique stone, steel cables and granite towers design. It is one of the oldest bridges in the United States.

The longest suspension bridge is also a walkable bridge and for bicycles. Underneath is a road bridge for the cars overlooking the East River. It was a long walked so I stayed for a while in the middle and also appreciated the spot with the history of the bridge.

On the other side, there’s a view of Manhattan Bridge.

The Statue of Liberty can be from afar from the Governor’s Island and the East River.

After crossing the bridge, I was already in Brooklyn Borough.  I looked for the High Street – Brooklyn Bridge Station to ride a train going back to the World Trade Center again. I enjoyed the food stalls in the Two World Trade Center with so many people on a Friday night.

China Town and Little Italy

From World Trade Center I went to Canal St. Station and visited China Town to check the stores and place. After some time walking, I found the street going to Little Italy and decided to change the course. There were so many Italian restaurants and so many European tourists enjoying Italian food. I walked around the area and found Bleecker Street Station to ride a subway.

King Dragon’s Chinese food

After so much walking for the day, I found myself so hungry that night when I went home. And I was craving for rice, I went to the Chinese restaurant in the corner of 105th and 4th Avenue and order Chinese food and enjoyed it at the apartment. Chinese take out food are also famous in the USA.

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New York City Central Park

The whole Thursday was spent in the GSA Summit in New York Academy of Sciences. On Friday, July 25th, I decided to explore the more of New York City, and this time I started early in the morning.

Central Park is a very famous landmark in New York City. It traversed from the Upper to Midtown Manhattan both in the East and West Side.

South GateHouse

I skipped the Vanderbilt Gate and the garden inside. I entered the Engineer’s Gate and walked towards the Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. I walked to the Bridle Path going to the middle of the reservoir and went to South Gate House. The South Gate House is building with the equipment used for the reservoir. There were lots of people walking, jogging and cycling along Bridle Gate.

The Obelisk

From the South Gate House, I walked to the East Drive and saw the Alexander Hamilton Monument and the Obelisk. Alexander Hamilton is one of the founding fathers of the US. The Obelisk was erected in 1881 with Egyptian hieroglyphs which is one of Cleopatra’s Needle originating from Egypt.

Belvedere Castle

I looked at the street signs in Central Park when I passed thru the 79th St Transverse Road. There was an arrow going to Belvedere Castle. The castle is a folly with an exhibit room and observation deck. It is a mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture built-in 1869. Belvedere means beautiful view.

It is set on a Vista Rock which is the highest point with the park views. The castle is free for everyone to explore. There’s a great view from the top of the castle. Be careful with the steep and small stairs but the view is really spectacular.

From the Belvedere Castle, there’s a view of the Turtle Pond.

The Ramble

After navigating the Belvedere Castle, I went inside the Ramble. The Ramble is a 38-acre woodland in Central Park with rustic trails that will lead you to the lake viewing area and to the Bow Bridge. There’s a falls with a rock formation in the Ramble.

The Lake and Bow Bridge

From the Ramble, you will see the lake viewing area, a nice place for photoshoot with the backdrop of the skyscrapers from the West Side of Manhattan. Tourists and locals can ride a boat with a fee and explore the lake.

There’s a nice spot called the Wood Chip Vantage Point to have a great view of the Bow Bridge. The Bow Bridge is a pedestrian bridge going to the other side of the lake.

Bethesda Terrace and Bethesda Fountain

I went to see the Cherry Fountain and headed to the Terrace Drive going to the famous Bethesda Terrace. The Bethesda Terrace is overlooking the Bethesda Fountain and the southern lake.

The Bethesda Fountain with the Angel of Waters bronze statue is one of the iconic landmarks in the middle of Central Park.  From the fountain, you can walk to the underpass with a decorated ceiling. The whole terrace and the underpass has a very nice architectural design.

From the stairways, you can see the Mall, the Skate Circle and the Naumburg Bandshell.

Sheep Meadow

I took a left turn from the Mall and entered the Sheep Meadow. The Sheep Meadow used to be a place for the sheep. As of today, it is a wide-open space with a perfect backdrop of huge buildings.

Strawberry Field

Before I leave Central park, I made sure that I get to see the Strawberry Field. From the sheep meadow,  I went back to the west side of Central Park to see the spot. Famous for the title of the song, Strawberry Field’s was a tribute in memory of late Beatle member, John Lennon.

From the memorial, I went outside Central Park and took a photo of the building called The Dakota where John Lennon was shot.

I went out from Terrace Drive at the Central Park West Street and crossed the street to ride the subway from 72nd Street station.

Museum of Natural History

From my Central Park tour I went to another famous museum in New York City. I alighted at the 81st Street Station and went to the Museum of Natural History. There were visitors at the front of the museum. It was already past 4 in the afternoon and I didn’t go inside because they were closing at 5PM. I just took a picture of the Franklin Theodore Roosevelt statue and the façade of the museum.

When I go back to New York again, I’ll spend a day in the museums I didn’t have the chance to explore and one of them is the Natural History and the nearby Science Museum.

I went to buy snacks along the road and ate the pretzels before going to the Brooklyn Bridge.

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One of the best parts in Central Park was my close encounter with the squirrel.