Sta Rita Island, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur

Sta. Rita Island is located at Del Gallego, Camarines Sur. It has the longest infinity in Camarines Sur.

How to get to Sta Rita Island

The following day we were supposed to meet at 7AM but we all made it at 9AM, where all of us were heading to Sta Rita Island to swim. It was a two hours ride from Calauag to Sta Rita, but we first check the resort in Tagkawayan called Villa Aeesa but we decided to head to Sta. Rita Island which was our first plan. From the resort, it was a 20 minutes ride more along the highway and another 3 km ride in uneven terrain. A service vehicle is a must since there is no public transportation available going to the resort.

They said Sta Rita island used to be an island where you need to ride a boat for a 10 minutes ride, but they put a man-made pathway to extend the island to the main town of Del Gallego. The entrance for the beach is 50 pesos and the entrance to the infinity pool is 150 pesos. We also rented a nipa hut worth 500 pesos where we stayed. There are sports activities on the island like banana boat and jet ski.

Exploring Sta Rita Island

We were very hungry although it was only past 10 AM. We ate lunch which was prepared by our main cook Eunice. We set up a tent just in case someone needed to sleep while we put all our bags in there. After eating we started to drink Emperador. By past 12 in the afternoon we then tried swimming at the beach.

But the water was murky so we decided to go to the infinity pool where we stayed for a while, had our photo shoot at a different angle. It is the longest infinity pool in Camarines Sur.

It was 3 in the afternoon when we went inside the pool again and trekked the grotto. It was a stairway going up with to the highest spot of the resort where there is a veranda or view deck that will let you see the whole place on top 360 degrees. You will see the hills and mountains of Bicol.

From the top, we also saw that it was already low tide and the sand bars near our nipa hut was located was already visible.

We then went down to check out the small L-shaped sandbar. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach front, taking pictures and waiting for the sunset.

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