Dampalitan Island, Padre Burgos, Quezon

Dampalitan Island is one of the three islands which is a popular destination along the Tayabas Bay. It is across Borawan in the coastline of Padre Burgos in Quezon.

Dampalitan Beach has the widest bed off-white sand bar and crystal clear water with a backdrop of the Agoho trees and coconut trees. The Bondoc Peninsula and the rest of Quezon are abundant of coconut trees. The trees added a tropical and laid back feeling, while we explore the island.

Dampalitan is also a camper’s site. There are cottages for rent, a common toilet and a store of the caretaker. We took a rest in the white sand beach and enjoyed the clear blue sky.

We then headed back to Villa Anita to check out. After which, we rode a jeep from Padre Burgos to Pagbilao. From Malicboy, Pagbilao we took a tricycle going to the jump-off point going to Kuwebang Lagpas.

We were supposed to go to Kuwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin, but decided to take a different route near the jump-off point going there. We found a serene area without the usual campers and tourists who visit the beach area.

It was called, but there were rock formations, with small caves, and a rocky sand bar. It is near Pagbilao Power Station. Or maybe because we were actually lost that we found a different spot. Well, somehow it was a good thing, we were able to end our trip finding this gem along Pagbilao Grande.

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