Caramoan, Camarines Sur

The Caramoan peninsula is located at the eastern portion of Camarines Sur in front of Catanduanes.  It is the home of so many islands and islets and the scenic view of towering cliffs and lush green mountains with the perfect sunrise.

This was my 2nd Quezon – Bicol trip with Cam. Cam already resided in Calauag after a year when we went to Gumaca, Quezon

Mountain range in Lagunoy Gulf

We travel for 4 hours by bus from Calauag to Naga City.  From the terminal in Naga City, we rode a van to take us to Sabang Port in San Jose, Camarines Sur.  We took a boat and traversed the mountain ranges and the Lagonoy Gulf. After almost two hours we reached the port of Guijalo.

Upon reaching the port, we rode a motorcycle where we asked the driver to take us to a resort but he told us it because it was summer, the resorts were fully booked, so he suggested and bought us to the town where we stayed with the locals and rented a room for an overnight stay.

It was a long journey, so we went out at night and found a restaurant along the Paniman beach and had our dinner.  We went to and talked to the owner about Caramoan.  After which we stayed outside enjoying the beach until it was almost midnight.

The following morning we were referred to a boatman and toured us in the island.  We were welcomed by the perfect sunrise of Caramoan.  The first stopped was Minalahos island. An island in front of Gota Beach which is good for swimming. There’s also a table rock in front, a point of jump-off for diving.

Minalahos Island

Gota Beach was the resort where the crew and staff of Survivor stayed.

Gota Beach

Then we went to Hunongan Cove with a view of longer sandbar and coconut trees at the beach front.


Kagbalinad island is the front view of Hunongan Cove.

Kagbalinad Island

Going to Caramoan had been a challenge, and 2 days wasn’t enough to explore the islands.  We went there during those times the Survivor series was being shot in the different islands.  Most islands were being used for production. The tourists and locals were restricted on some island like the Gota Beach.

Because of time constraint, we weren’t able to explore the islands but we promised to go back to Caramoan for a longer stay. Other notable islands are Matukad, Lahus, Cotivas Island, Sabitayang Laya and many other islands.

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