Burias Island Masbate Tour

Burias Islands in San Pascual Masbate is along the Ragay Gulf and 2 hours away from Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon. Burias Island is one of the three main islands of Masbate province and is a part of the Bicol region.

Masbate is between the boundaries of Visayas and Luzon. The province is included as part of Bicol region but in proximity is also near the Visayas. Masbate is a group of island and the main town is Masbate City. The famous Burias Island is known for the stunning rock formation and pristine white sand of the beaches. The other two islands are Ticao and Masbate.

Tinalisayan Island

After two hours of boat ride from Alibijaban Island, Tinalisayan Island is seen from afar. It is a small island with some rock formation nearby the island. It has a small sand bar where the boats dock. During low tide, the sand bar is visible but since we arrived during high tide, we had to walk at thigh high level of water.

The island is astonishing because of pristine white sand and clear turquoise water. They also have small rocks that they balance to form a tower. Tinalisayan island also a camping site but they only have one male and female restroom. There are small stores that sell food.

Tinalisayan island is also a 30 minutes boat ride from the town of San Pascual where they get the stuff for the island. You can also see Snake island from Tinalisayan.

Sombrero Island

While riding a boat going to Sombrero Island, you can also see the town of San Pascual. There are small islands with a rock formation and where some locals were doing cliff diving.

Sombrero Island is called sombrero because of the shape of the rock formation which is like sombrero or “hat.”
The island also has a unique sand bar. It has a wide sand bar and there is an area for camping where there are coconut trees.

To go to the Sombrero rock formation, you need to walk along the rocky sands along the shore. To get to the small island you need a boat to be able to explore the island.

The Burias Island Tour also includes Animasola Island and Snake Island, but because we left Alibijaban a little late we weren’t able to go to the other two. The boatman reminded us to leave at 7am but we weren’t able to wake up that time. We left Sombrero past 4 PM, and the water was already rough.

Animasola and Snake Island are known for stunning rock formations. We went back to Alibijaban Island just in time for the sunset.

How to get there

Since we were in Alibijaban, San Andres Quezon, there are different boats to rent to tour you going to the famous Burias Islands. Rates differ from the capacity of the boat and the number of passengers. You can also ride a passenger boat from San Andres port going to San Pascual. It is 2 hours ride from San Andres, Quezon to San Pascual, Masbate.

Another route is coming from Naga. Go to Pasaco Port and ride a passenger boat for 2 to 3 hours going to the town of San Pascual. From San Pascual, you can rent a boat going to the islands.

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Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon

The 7th Quezon – Bicol trip was in Alibijaban island, located in the municipality of San Andres, Quezon. It is in the southernmost tip of Quezon along the shores of Ragay Gulf.

How to get to Alibijaban Island

My first stop was Calauag, Quezon where I fetched Cam and Emman. John was coming from Manila and we would meet him the following day at the port going to the island. He would travel from Manila bus going to San Andres from Alabang for six hours.
We left a little after lunch the following day, taking a bus from Calauag to Gumaca. From Gumaca we rode a jeep going to Pitogo and we waited for the bus going to San Andres in the bus stop along Padre Burgos – Potatanin Junction. We had our lunch at the bus stop and we waited for about an hour and a half for the bus to arrive, while John was already in San Andres. When the bus arrived, we were seated almost at the back and we were together with the goodies from the back of the bus.

After 3 hours and enjoying the coconut tree view outside, we arrive at the bus stop at past 5 PM where John was waiting. After which we went to the port and availed a boat going to Alibijaban. The tour guide also recommended our camping site.
It was already dark and late and low tide when we reached the island. And because of low tide, we had to walk about 1 kilometer of the shore going to the place where we will stay.

It was a local’s house where they made their front house into camper’s site. They also have a store, bathroom and we can also buy cooked food from them. We talked to them for the boat that would take us to Masbate the following morning.

What to do in Alibijaban Island

We set up our tents, we have 2, one big for three people and the other is for John. There was a family who was also camping on the site and they were kind of noisy the whole night so we slept late. The boat arrived early the following day but we woke up late so we left past 8PM. The boat was a little small, the water was rough going to a boat ride of 2 hours in the first island.

To know more about our Burias Island Masbate Tour you can check the next post. From the boat ride to our Burias Island Trip, we went to enjoy the rest of the other side of Alibijaban Island.

The long stretch of the white sand bar is located at the end of the island. There were a lot of tourists enjoying the island beach front. Some were taking a swim, hanging out, talking to friends, enjoying the view, and playing some sports activities like beach volleyball.

We stayed there for a while until we finally saw the sunset. While the sun is setting we then went back to where our campsite was.
Our campsite is near the mangrove trees. Because it was low tide once again, we had to walk for 1 kilometer from where the boat dropped us. There was a lot of starfish and seagrasses along the shore.

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