Anilao in Batangas

One of the best diving spots in the Philippine archipelago is located 3 hours away from Manila in the coastal barangay of Mabini, Batangas. It is surrounded by the Balayan Bay and Batangas Bay and overlooking the nearby islands Marikaban and Caban Island. It is known as the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines.

Anilao was the first beach I visited during my early teenage years when I went to a University-wide field trip for employees in my aunt’s workplace.

There are so many resorts and diving center in the whole of Mabini. Here are the different resorts I visited.

Vistamar Beach Resort and Hotel

Vistamar Beach Resort and Hotel is one of the firsts resorts in San Jose, Mabini. The resort is ideal for large groups. It is in the coastal area of Balayan Bay overlooking the town of Calatagan. They have an indoor pool, restaurants, and a lounge area. The beach area is a little bit rocky in the resort. The nearest diving center is the Anilao Scuba Dive Center if you want to experience budget diving.

Bontoc Seaview Guesthouse

The second time I visited Anialo was for a Christmas party. I crashed a Christmas party with my former colleague. It is also known as Bontoc in Batangas Bed and Breakfast and it located in Balagbag Bagalangit. There’s a 5-minute walk to the nearby resort if you want to enjoy the shore. The accommodation includes buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they really serve sumptuous dishes. We were the only guests during our stay. The rooms have a vibe of the Bontoc province and I love the veranda overlooking the sea with the karaoke machine for us.

It is also nearby the trekking site of Mt. Gulugod Baboy where you need to get to Mt. Gulugod Baboy Tourist Assistance Center before the trek.

Vista Aplaya Beach & Dive Resort

It is also located in Balagbag Bagalangit, overlooking the beautiful islands of Marikaban and Caban Island. It is a family-owned beachfront resort and perfect for intimate gatherings of companies and families.

They have a pool and a rocky shoreline. They also serve buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with an available karaoke machine in the dining area. We also avail of their scuba diving lessons.