San Juan, La Union

Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan is one of the surfing sites in La Union. La Union is 6 to 7 hours away from Manila by bus. Or 5 to 6 hours by car.

To enjoy the waves make sure to visit from July to October for the South Swell and from November to March for the North Swell. Enjoy the Urbiztondo beach during summer.

This is my getaway in the Northern Part of Luzon. I had seen the changes in the town since early 2000. Every time I visit Urbiztondo, there’s always something new.
I had been here for the nth time. Urbiztondo is also a site for a beautiful sunset. The waters of La Union are facing the West Philippine Sea.

My favorite place to stay in San Juan Surf Resort and Sebay Surf Central which is located along the National Highway. The resorts are overlooking a beautiful beachfront.

San Juan Surf Resort

San Juan Surf Resort is a resort and surfing school of the renowned Filipino-Australian surfer Luke Landrigan. I was able to see him on my second stay in the resort when the resort was still small. To date, there are new restaurants and buildings for accommodation.

The surfing camp offers lessons for locals and tourists. One of the perks of staying here is seeing the famous surfer Luke Landrigan. I saw him only once though. The restaurant serves yummy food which is called the Coast Call Kitchen and Bar.

Sebay Surf Central

Another good spot to stay in Urbiztondo is Sebay surf Central. I love this resort because of its restaurant which is on the beachfront. I love staying in the restaurant to enjoy food and to hear the waves and the tourists and locals enjoying the water.