Pagudpud Saud Beach

Pagudpud’s coastal area is wide and one of the notable areas is Saud Beach. Saud Beach is part of the coastal area of Bangui Bay.
A long stretch of the sand bar, which is almost 3 kilometers is seen along the Bangui Bay and you can also see on the right side the famous Bangui Windmill.

Saud Beach has many different resorts along the beachfront like Blue Lagoon, Sunset View Beach Resort and including Saud Beach Resort and Hotel. Saud Beach Resort and Hotel is a resort and a restaurant overlooking the beach.

When we were there we saw fishermen helping each other with their nets of freshly caught fishes.

The fishermen were helping each other thru their Bayanihan helped each other to pull the tent in the shore from the boat.

Another coastline is the Maira-ira Beach via the Patapat Viaduct.