Last Tour in New York City in 2019

After spending the night in Virginia, we were up early in the morning after sleeping for almost 2 hours. We went to the nearby McDonald’s to buy breakfast before heading to the bus stop in Manassas for the bus going back to New York.
After almost 5 hours of travelling we reached the bus stop in Lower Manhattan. From the bus stop we went to some of the other landmarks in New York. This would be my last trip in New York City. We took the subway in the 28th Street Station going to 59th – Lexington Avenue and walked to the 6th Street.

Serendipity 3 Restaurant

We went to the restaurant called Serendipity 3, The Legendary Restaurant and General store. There were three movies shot in the restaurant, the films were One Fine Day in 1996, Serendipity in 2001 and Trust the Man in 2005. We also took a photo of the art wall near the restaurant. We walked towards 2nd Avenue and turned left going to the Tramway Plaza.

Tramway Plaza

The Tramway Plaza is the gateway to the tram going to Roosevelt Island. The tram provides a scenic view of Manhattan going to Roosevelt Island. The tramway runs every 7-15 minutes from 59th Street and 2nd Avenue, providing a modern aerial tramway in the world.

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a narrow island between Manhattan island and Long island. It is located on the East River.

South Point Park and Small Fox Hospital

When we got off the tram, we headed to South Point Park. The park offers a great view of the Ed Koch Queens Borough Bridge and Manhattan. When you walked further you will see the ruins of the historical Small Pox Memorial Hospital. Adjacent to the hospital is the Franklin Roosevelt Four Freedom Parks.

Franklin Roosevelt Monument

On the edge of Roosevelt Island, in the four-acre Franklin D. Roosevelt Freedom Parks is the monument of Franklin Roosevelt. It celebrates the Four Freedoms he articulated for the USA in 1941.

Little Manila

From the Roosevelt Island Station in the orange line, we went to 69th Frisk Ave Woodside Station in Queens. From the 61st to 70th streets called Little Manila is famous for Filipino restaurants, stores, and other establishments. Because I was craving Filipino food especially sinigang, we ate at Rosario’s Ihawan Restaurant. You can also see Jollibee and Red Ribbon while walking to Roosevelt Avenue towards Woodside. Going back we tried the elevated subway in 61st St – Woodside Station. The subway was like the LRT station in Manila.


Piopio is a Peruvian restaurant in 34th Street where I met another college classmate together with her family who are all living in New York City. Piopio is famous for the rotisserie chicken and Spanish menu. You need to get a reservation since it becomes fully booked. We waited for a while before being seated. And the food was delicious.

Lincoln Center

From Piopio we walked going to Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts in Lincoln Square. We enjoyed the fountain and the view of the building around Lincoln Center. We went home after that.

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