Philippine Carnival called Perya

We are all young at heart. We always have “the kid” in us. We will never forget our childhood memories. And one of the notable events in my life was spending it in a carnival or in the Philippines we called it “Perya”.


It is not the usual carnival in other places, the Philippines has a different carnival. There are rides, and shows and other spectacular event but mostly the highlight of Perya is the games we play. The carnival is all set during the town, barangay or barrio fiesta. They occupy a certain portion of land, usually near a park where the organizers set up their different rides and games and stalls.

There are so many different rides. What I love the most are the roller coaster and the Ferris Wheel rides.

Perya Games

But I enjoy going to Perya because of the color games. There’s a board where there are six different colors and you will bet on any color and the three dices will roll. If one color appears, it will double your money, if 2 color appears, it will triple your money and if the three dices show one color, it will quadruple your money. It’s also betting and gambling, the more you’re hooked, the more that the winning money you got would be spent, unless you stop. Or normally you’d stop when all the money was drained. But nevertheless, the Perya only comes every year if there’s a Fiesta and if the town, barangay or the barrio allows it.

There’s the game where you toss a coin and when you get a spot where there’s prize they will give it to you. Most prizes are like glass, cups, plates, figurines, candles, small stuff toys to big ones.

And there’s the famous BINGO, a game of numbers in the card. A game that most Filipinos love to play. It’s actually a game of luck, in what numbers will be out of the “tambiola” from 1-75. And you need to form a certain formation to win – diagonal, box, vertical, horizontal. And if you do, you’d say or shout BINGO! It means that you won.
So after draining the money out of your pocket, remember to save some for there are streets food that is lined up during the night. Here’s a Perya from my trip in Calauag, Quezon.
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