Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Langkawi is located the northwestern of Malaysia and also known as Jewel of Kedah. Langkawi is a district and an archipelago with 99 islands near the borders of Thailand.

How to get there

I booked my ticket going to Langkawi from Penang for the Super Fast Ferry Ventures.  I met a solo traveler from Toronto Canada named Inga.  We went together to the ferry for a three hours travel from Penang to Langkawi.  The Ferry was to leave at 2PM.

When we reached Kuah Jetty in Langkawi, I went to a money changer first to change for Baht.  It was a Friday and I would be going to Koh Lipe, Thailand on Sunday and I was making sure that I got a Baht currency.  Inga and I were hungry and we checked the food court in the Jetty.  We went to the taxi information and availed the Langkawi taxi.

Langkawi is somehow a very touristy island.  The main problem here is the transportation in which there’s no bus and no train except for taxi and tourist guide vehicles.  The taxi information counter is found just outside the taxi stand on the other side of Kuah Jetty along with the 7-11 store.  There’s a matrix for the Langkawi taxi on where you’re going.  I was booked in Pentai Cenang, the fair is 30 RM.  It was a thirty minutes ride going to Pentai Cenang and the taxi dropped us to Sandy Beach where I was staying.

Sandy Beach Resort

Inga was checking the resort first before she decided to join me.  When I checked in at the resort, I was told that my room was along the road.  We had to go inside some establishment before seeing the hotel and the building looked old and it felt like there were no visitors around.  Inga decided to check another hotel.

After Inga left, while checking the hotel,  I decided to go back to the receptionist and asked if I could transfer to the beachfront.  And luckily there was a room for me on the beachfront so I got my things back and went to the room at the beach front.  I paid an additional 40 RM for two days since there was a difference between the room I booked and room at the beachfront.  I was solo traveling and I felt not safe in the first room I availed.

Sandy Beach Resort is located along the Pantai Cenang Road with a beachfront.  There were stores and shops in the area like massage parlors, 7-11, bazaar, mall, restaurants and other hotels and resorts.  Sandy Beach has a restaurant called Grilled.  When I was settled in my room, I immediately went outside, stayed at the chairs in front of the resort and enjoyed the sunset.  At night, I walked along the Pantai Cenang Road and checked out the stores.  I bought a ring in one of the accessories stores and had a massage in Le Baron.

Pentai Cenang

The following morning after having my breakfast at the resort, Inga and I met up in Sandy Beach and started exploring the beach area.  We walked from Sandy Beach going towards the long stretch of the Pantai Cenang Beach.  Sandy Beach was in the middle and we went left to check the crowded beach of Langkawi.  It was 9 in the morning.  It was a very hot morning in March.  When we reached a not so crowded area of the beach, we enjoyed swimming in the water.

We then went to the end of the beach near The Cliff Bar and Restaurant.  We went outside the Pentai Cenang Road and checked the different hotels and resorts.  There are malls in the area, Cenang Mall and The Zon Duty-Free.

Pentai Tengah

We entered the Sunset Beach Resort to check their facilities and we then end up at the beach where we stayed for a while and once again swam to the waters.

We walked again towards the beach and found a rock formation between the beach to Pentai Tengah.  We went to the main road of Teluk Baru as we enter a resort Frangipani.

We ate at the restaurant it was already past 12 in the afternoon.  We also had coconut juice.  Then we walked from the restaurant to the Teluk Baru road going to Pentai Tengah.  We checked different restaurants, hotels, resorts and inns along the area.  Pantai Tengah is less crowded than Pantai Cenang.  There were stores but you have to walk a little before you reach the establishment.  The road was not busy with passing cars and taxis.

We entered Pentai Tengah Road to go to the beach.  We stayed for about 30 minutes in the beach before going back to Pantai Cenang Road.  Inga and I separated here while she went back to her hotel and I went back to Sandy Beach.

I normally stayed at the restaurant area of the beachfront because the wifi connection didn’t reach my room.  I ordered a Watermelon shake while enjoying looking at the people and at the beach.

Inga and I went to see each other again and I waited for her in McDonald’s.  I ordered an orange burst sundae which was popular in Langkawi.  Inga and I went to Sawadee Restaurant.  Inga said she would have a massage.  I told her I checked out the rest of the Cenang Beach going right from Sandy Beach.

Cenang Beach

It was already past 6 in the evening.  It gets less crowded going there.  I love the sand in this area because it was whiter and powdery.

I reached the curvaceous area of the beach and found the  Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort.  I stayed at the sand bar in front of Rebak Island and waited for the sunset.

I went back to Sandy Beach resort and stayed outside for a while enjoying the stars at night.

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