Hong Kong 2000

My first ever out of the country trip was in Hong Kong. It was also the first time my family went abroad without my brother in 2000.

We boarded the plane, a day after Christmas for the 3 nights and 4 days trip to Hong Kong. It was a guided tour. Upon reaching the Hong Kong International Airport we were welcomed by our tour guide. From the airport, we went to the Panda Hotel in Tsuen Wan, Kowloon.
We had a one-room in the hotel. We arrived in the afternoon and on our first day, it was our free time. From our hotel, we walked in the street nearby to look for a place to eat. After which we went back to the hotel and we availed of the free shuttle service of our hotel going to our destination. We were required to go back to the meeting place at 5 in the afternoon.

Tsim Sha Tsui

My family went to East Tsim Sha Tsui. My sister and I went to the Hong Kong Cultural Center. The Hong Kong Cultural Center has the following: Concert Hall, Grand Theatre and Studio Theatre. Different cultural performances are held. Our favorite was the exhibition gallery. We also tour the harbor along the center.
We also enjoyed the promenade along the waterfront around the New World Centre and the Tower Clock.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

On our first day, the tour was going to Ocean Park. Ocean Park is a marine mammal oceanarium and was the largest theme park in Hong Kong in 2000. We enjoyed the cable car. We toured the marine world indoor aquariums and watched the show. It was our first encounter with dolphins and seagull during the show. We also saw the panda.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant

After the amazing adventure in Ocean Park, our group had our lunch at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Ferry Pier. The Jumbo Floating Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants and tourist attractions in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbor. They serve Cantonese cuisine and mostly seafood dishes.
After lunch, we went to a jewelry store. Most of the tour had this kind of itinerary. I forgot where we went but I remember buying a white gold necklace for myself at that time. I still have the necklace with me after 20 years.

Victoria’s Peak and Peak Tram

We went to Victoria Harbor after going to the jewelry store. We went to the Garden Road Admiralty to Victoria Peak riding the Peak Tram at the Lower Terminus. The Tram is a Victorian-era train running in the railway in Hong Kong to go to the highlands of Hong Kong Island. The Tram is also one of the world’s oldest and most famous funicular railways. The peak rise to 1300 feet above sea level. Upon reaching Victoria’s Peak, the highest peak in Hong Kong, the view of the skyline will be seen.

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