Magpupungko Rock Pools

Magpupungko Rock Pools is located at Pilar, Surigao Del Norte in Siargao Island.

Our next itinerary was the Magpupungko Rock Pools and Sugba Lagoon. These places were the scheduled places to visit on our 3rd day in Siargao. We availed it from the same tour operator for our Sohoton Cove and 3 Islands Hopping.
It is a one-hour ride from Sandy Feet Siargao. You will enjoy the scenic view going to Magpupungko.
The best time to visit the Magpupungko Rock pools is during low tide as they are tidal pool. The tides dramatically changed throughout the day but you can also check the tides change.

The rock formations add beauty to the rockpool. The rocks looked like a large rock is squatting on another rock. “Pungko” is a Visayan word for squat hence it is called Magpupungko.

There are lots of small restaurants and nipa huts to stay while in Magpupungko. If the tides are high in the rock pool, you can also enjoy the stretch of the long sandbar of Magpupungko beach.