The second time I went to Subic with the same company I work with if for the company’s team building. The team building was in JEST Camp.

J.E.S.T. Camp

JEST or (Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp) is located near the Argonaut Highway. JEST Camp is famous for its different activities as a survival school. It is a good venue for team building because they have survival training, games and obstacle courses.

There are different survival courses to choose from like Wild Child, Hunter Gatherer, Survival Bootcamp, Campfires, Tribe (Team Building), and Camp Craft. The motto of the camp is “Know more, Carry Less.”

One of my favorite during our team building activities was watching the birds from the Magaul Bird Park performing on the stage. The Magaul Bird Park has the most diverse types of birds.
Another one I liked was the Angry Bird Arena, were a person threw an angry birds pillow while he was swinging towards the cliff. Another wonderful experience is the boodle fight lunch.

Subic International Hotel

After Jest Camp, we went to Subic International Hotel for an overnight stay. The hotel is located in Sta. Rita St. in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is near the Ayala Harbor Point where we went to have Starbucks coffee in the morning. The company went to Golden Dragon for lunch before heading back to Manila. The Golden Dragon is a famous Chinese restaurant along Canal Road. It is a few blocks away from the hotel