Famous Places in Los Baños, Laguna

Los Baños in Laguna is famous for UPLB Campus, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), the dormant Mount Makiling and resorts and hot springs.

Mount Makiling

Mount Makiling is a dormant stratovolcano in the boundaries of Laguna and Batangas. It is a scenic view while driving on South Luzon Expressway. It is known as the first national park in the Philippines and was declared ASEAN Heritage Park in 2013 as Mount Makiling Forest Reserve. It also famous for mountain climbing having two trails, one is the UPLB trail and the other one is the Maktrav trail which starts in Santo Tomas, Batangas.

UPLB Campus

Aside from the different buildings for academic study and research and administration, the campus is famous for the UPLB Freedom Park, fertility tree, Jamboree and the Boyscout of the Philippines Camp Ground and the Makiling Forest Reserve with the famous Makiling spring.

Hot Springs and Laguna Lake

On the coast of Laguna lake are some private resorts and hot springs. I went to Splash Mountain resort for a group tour. I also stayed in the City of Springs in Brgay Baybayin and I enjoyed the view of Laguna Lake. Other famous spring resorts are Al Fresco, Laresio Lakeside Resort and 88 Hotspring.

Catholic Churches

There are three parishes in Los Baños that I have seen, first is the Roman Catholic Parish of San Antonio de Padua in Lopez Avenue towards the campus. Second is the Diocesan Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus inside UPLB Campus near the main gate. Another one is in town which is the Immaculate of Concepcion Parish Church.

Restaurants in Los Baños

I stayed for almost 10 months in Los Baños for work and stayed at an apartment near the University of the Philippines Los Baños Campus. I enjoyed the different restaurants inside and outside the campus, especially near the vicinity of the campus.
My favorite restaurants are:
1. Bonito Bar and Restaurant
2. Venice Italian Restaurant/La Gondola Veneziana
3. Mio Cucina
4. Faustina’s
5. Gastronomeats
6. Infusion Gourmet Café and Deli
7. Joe’s
8. Auntie Pearls’ Pizza
9. Entablado
10. IC’s Bar and Grill

I also love the Ginhawa Craft Studio Cafe inside UPLB.