The Other Side of Siquijor

After our coastal tour, it was already past 7 in the evening as my friend enjoyed the Tulapos Marine Sanctuary and explored the waters. My tour guide and I and the rest of the sanctuary’s guardian waited for my friend and her diving guides. If you want a tour, you can also contact our driver:

He took us back to our resort but told him to drop us at a nearby restaurant called Ayans Local Food. It is the restaurant that serves Siquijor dishes and breakfast meals and Filipino dishes for lunch and dinner.
After dinner, we went back to our resort. Unluckily we turned on a different path going to our resort. We end up with private houses along the pavement that was too dark because there were no lights. We get back to where Ayan’s food was and walked going to the correct way going to our resort which was the next walkway with no lights again going to La Villa Alta.

It was really scary when we were walking on the dark pavement. It is due to the fact that there is another side of Siquijor that is known for witches and healers. Siquijor uses the traditional way of healing. People also visit the island because of the mysterious effect of their healing of different illnesses. Siquijor celebrates “The Healing Festival” during holy week.

The special location for the festival is Mt. Bandilaan where the healers would gather after getting the ingredients, to make their traditional rituals in the blessing of the ingredients.
Since we had a limited time exploring Siquijor we couldn’t avail of the next tour which is the Mountain Tour. The mountain tour includes the tour in Mt. Bandilaan and Cantabon Cave.
After the day tour, we enjoyed the rest of the night in the resort. The following morning we took a swim in Sandugan Beach which was in high tide.

Our tour guide from the start fetches us to go back to Siquijor Port. But before that, we went to St. Francis of Assisi Parish. The parish was founded in1783 but the church built with coral stones was finished in 1831.
While waiting for the time of our departure for the ferry going back to Dumaguete., we enjoyed the sandbar at the Siquijor Pier Beach. The sandbar is visible during low tide. The beach is a beautiful scenery of turquoise water and glistening white sand under the scorching sun.