Gumaca, Quezon

Gumaca lies in the middle of the Quezon Province along the coastline of Lopez Bay. Most travelers wouldn’t stop here because most of the buses going to Bicol have a stopover in Lucena or Atimonan, and the next stopover would be in Calauag or Tagkawayan.

Lopez Bay in Gumaca

The major attraction of Gumaca is the Gumaca Cathedral or the Cathedral of San Diego de Alcala, one of the oldest and biggest churches in the province of Quezon.

San Diego de Alcala

Other notable areas to explore in Gumaca is the Museo ng Gumaca, to know more about the Gumaca Heritage District due to the ancestral houses and old structures and the San Diego de Alcala Fortress or the Kutang San Diego, the only surviving fortress in Gumaca. The fortress is also recognized as a national treasure since 1981.

We went to a nearby public spot of the beach, in which my best friend and I decided to have a late afternoon stroll. And my trip to Gumaca was the start of our summer getaway in which we focused in Quezon Province and Bicol Region.

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