Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte

Bagasbas Beach is in Daet, Camarines Norte and one of the top surfing destination in the Philippines. The 4 kilometers stretch of fine, gray and powdery sands is also a surfer’s haven. It is one of the top surfing destinations in the Philippines as big waves from the Pacific Ocean makes it an ideal spot for surfers.

Cam and I started the trip in 2007. In 2012, there were four of us who explored Camarines Norte. We were joined by John and Butchick. John and I came from Manila, while Cam and Butchick were from Calauag and we joined them in Calauag.

We left in the morning and rode a bus from Calauag to Daet. The plan was to go to Calaguas and find a travel package for the four of us that includes a tent since we were not prepared for the camping. When we reached Daet, we rode a tricycle and went to Bagasbas Beach. And because the beach was dragging our itchy feet to enjoy the sand and the water, we opted to stay for a night here.

We then look for a place to stay and found a guest house called Zenaida’s Palace. The place seemed to be a residential house which was turned into a hostel. It was just a few minutes away from the beach, with nearby sari-sari stores. After resting for a while we decided to explore Bagasbas Beach.

It was already low tide when we got there. And because it was not the surfing season, only small waves roll in the ocean. There were surfing lessons being offered. It was a public destination but the beach was very clean. The unadulterated wide stretch of sand bar took us far from the Bagasbas Promenade.

We ate at Surfer’s Dine Inn. Hostels, inns, resorts and restaurants lined up the Promenade. Make sure to book early or you might not find a place to stay especially during the summer season and surfing season.

Bagasbas is facing the east of the Pacific Ocean. We were up early and we were amazed by the view of the beautiful sunrise. Early morning, there are surfers on the beach.

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