Laiya Beach in Batangas

Laiya Beach is located in Laiya-Aplaya in San Juan Batangas. It is on the coastline of Tayabas Bay. It is already near the boundary of Batangas – Quezon.

Palm Beach Resort

The resort is located in the more secluded part of Brgy Hugom, San Juan, Batangas. There are spacious Casas on the beachfront with each casas boasting a unique design. The Casas have balconies that are overlooking the ocean.

Other amenities are the Marvi’s Dining Restaurant, an infinity pool, an air-conditioned function room, a Multipurpose pavilion and cabanas in front of the resort. You can also enjoy water sport activities like snorkeling, kayaking, speed boating, banana boating and disco boating.

La Luz Beach Resort

It is a small resort also located in Brgy Hugom and used to be a privately owned resort until it opened to the public. It is adjacent to the marine sanctuary and the rock formation on the right side. The rooms are good for 2 persons – Hilltop and Annex; 3 persons – Premier Room and for larger groups for 4 persons – Annex Dorm, 6 persons – Premier Loft Room and Annex Dorm Room and even up to 10 people in their Dormitory.

There are so many water activities that they offer like snorkeling, kayaking, jetski, windsurfing, banana boating, flying fish, disco boating, diving, riding a yacht and motorboat. Other activities also include biking and fat biking, hiking and even your own bonfire.

Acuaverde Beach Resort

It is in the Lobo – Malabrigo – Laiya Road. Acuaverde beachfront has the widest sandbar. The rooms are all modern designs and using local materials. There are different casas to choose from; Casa Brisa, Casa marina and Casa Montana.

There are two restaurants inside the resort. The first is Cocina Restaurant which offers either buffet or an ala-carte depending on the resort occupancy. Another one is the Al Fresco Bar where you enjoy a selection of different drinks.

The best part of the beachfront is the sun loungers where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean or hear the crashing of waves during night time. Other activities are kayaking, jet skiing, flyboarding and Fly fishing.