Moalboal, Cebu

Moalboal is located in the Southwest of Cebu and famous for the “sardine run.” It is also one of the favorite spots for scuba diving and free diving. There are so many diving shops and schools in the town of Moalboal.

Panagsama Beach

Most of the beach resorts and restaurants are located along Panagsama. Also known as Basdiot, most of the diving shops and diving resorts are located here as there are so many divers who go to this place. The shoreline is called Panagsama Beach. There are so many excellent restaurants and coffee shops in Panagsama. The nightlife in Panagsama is also booming because of night bars.

White Beach

White Beach or Basdako Beach is a 2-kilometer sand bar in the north of the peninsula in Barangay of Saavedra. There are so many high-end resorts in White Beach and nearby barangays. There are stalls near the beach where travelers can stay and enjoy the long and wide sand bar. There are food houses nearby. There’s a minimal fee for entering White Beach.

Pescador Island

This most famous island in Moalboal is a diving spot with the amazing “sardine run” with the school of several thousand fish. You can also do cliff diving in the area.

Moalboal Backpackers

A place to meet locals, local tourist and foreigners. A nice place to enjoy staycation.

How to get there

From the South Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Moalboal. It is a three to four hours bus ride depending on the traffic. The drop off will be at the town of Moalboal. Ride a tricycle going to your resort in Panagsama or in White Beach.

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