Enchanting Siquijor

Siquijor is a small island in Central Visayas near Dumaguete City, at the tip of the Southern Cebu and Bohol. It is also known as “Isla del Fuego” because of the mystical fireflies, pristine beaches with tropical marine life and a mountainous area. Siquijor is also has been widely known for black magic.
There are 5 major municipalities in Siqujor. These are Siquijor, San Juan, Larena, Lazi and Maria, Enrique Villanueva.

How to get there

The best way to Siquijor is in from Dumaguete City Sea Port. There are different schedules of the ferry going to Siquijor. There are two ports in Siquijor, one from Siquijor and one from Larena.

From the municipalities, you can ride a tricycle, but take note that some tricycles are exclusive to the municipalities. There are tricycles used for touring the island. There are some tours like the Coastal Tour and the Mountain Tour.

First Night in Siquijor

We arrived late in the afternoon in Siquijor Port after a 1 hour and a half from Dumaguete City. My friend booked us in Larena. We found a tricycle to take us there which took us about 40 minutes to see our resort. You can also see the beautiful Larena Bay along the road until we reach the center of the Larena which is near the Larena port.

La Villa Alta

Villa Alta is in the outskirts of the municipality of Larena where you can see from afar the island of Bohol. It has a restaurant, a bar, a garden and a private beach area.

Our bungalow is overlooking Sandugan Beach. There are so many other resorts in the nearby area.

Sandugan Beach

It was already low tide when we explored Sandugan Beach. We explored the mudflats and waited for the sun to set while enjoying the beach.

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