Bohol Grand Scenery Tour

I joined my friend and her family in their Bohol trip. We were 9 in the group plus a child. We availed tour from Bohol Grand Scenery Tours to see the different places to see in Bohol.

Blood Compact Shrine

The first stop was the historical site of Blood Compact Shrine in Barangay Bool in Tagbilaran City. It is along the coast overlooking the Balicasag Island. It was a Sandugo between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Raja Sikatuna during Spanish invasion.

After which we went to the church to Baclayon Old Church or the La Purisima de Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church. There’s a museum found in the church. It is made of corals stones. The original roof was replaced by galvanized iron. It withstands major damage during the 7.2 earthquake in 2013.

Rio Verde Tarsier Place

We then explored the Rio Verde Tarsier Place in Agape, Laoay, Bohol. The Rio Verde was a place for Tarsier and other exotic animals in Bohol like the Lemur. If you’re going to take a picture with the tarsiers please make sure that you don’t use any flash or the tarsier will be stressed.

Loboc River Cruise

We had our lunch in the Loboc River Cruise and Luncheon. We had a boat ride to tour the Long River Cruise. The food was good for a group of tourist. At the end of the river was the singing and dancing Loboc River singers. We then went to the bamboo hanging bridge, which cross the Sipatan River in town of Sevilla.

Loboc Man Made Forest anad Butterfly Sanctuary

We also went to the Loboc Man Made Forest. We went to the Butterfly Sanctuary in Bilar. The Butterfly garden is owned by Simply Butterflies Conservation Center.

Chocolote Hills

We went to the chocolate hills, the most famous attraction and a geological formation of a group of unusually shaped hills in Carmen, Bohol.

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